Our Concept

Vinograf Wine bar are two wine bars in the centre of Prague.

Vinograf Misenska specializes in Czech wines and offers a variety of cold cuts.
Vinograf Senovazne, the larger of the two, provides a world-wide selection of wines as well as an exquisite “wine-friendly” cuisine prepared by our Chef Dušan Mackovič.

Both bars share a vast selection of wines by glass and bottle, along with a fine selection of cheeses and charcuterie.
The pleasant atmosphere is complimented with a friendly and erudite staff.

The people at Vinograf, ceaselessly explore, research, and taste to stay current with new trends in the world of wine.
We recognize and pursue the highest quality in the industry. Our sommeliers will be your guides.

Vinograf opens the world of wine.
We are:

  • All splendour of wine in one place
  • Fusing tastes of wine and cuisine
  • Joyous, spirited and creative professionals with no prejudice and with respect to wine
  • Touchstone for winebars in the Czech republic

We are not:

  • Extreme and aggressive

Our vision

  • is the best place to explore wine in our country
  • is economically effective and stable company
  • spreads the business efficiently to other locations 

We search so that you can explore.